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 Dr. Julien Morneault

 Dr. Morneault graduated from Laval University in 1983.

November 1996:  Graduated from LD Pankey Institute Key-Biscayne- Florida. Private school especially dedicated for high leveled general dentist who desire a higher education  in resolving complex cases on overall patient treatment. 

April 2010:  Graduated from Kois Center Seattle-Washington. Education centre for general dentist, which is internationally renowned and has for mandate to establish a predictable protocol for complex dental treatments based on scientific evidence. 

Dr. Morneault maintains a general practice which is mainly oriented with complex rehabilitations. His expertise includes:

• Restoration of severely damaged dentition
• Troubled joint (TMD-temporo mandibular dysfunction)
• Gum surgery including root coverage and esthetic tissue remodeling
• Implant installation and restoration

 July 2014:  Was certified as a "MENTOR" from KOIS Centre

In order to obtain this certification, Dr. Julien Morneault had to complete the followings:

  • To be graduated from KOIS Centre
  • Pass a written exam
  • Planned & restore a complex rehabilitation case 
  • Present & discuss the case in front of a committee which determines if the candidate manages the concept well