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Composite resin

White, composite resin is an attractive material used to restore anterior and posterior teeth.  The composite resin is used to correct defects caused by decay, fracture or a bad tooth position.  It is mainly composed of a polymer (plastic) and very hard and very small inert particles.


  • The composite resin is indicated to replace broken or lost restorations and to restore some of the tooth destroyed by decay of small or medium size. It is resistant to fracture and wear and can last several years.
  • Smoother version of this material is used as a sealant to prevent the development of caries in pits and fissures that are on top of the teeth at the back of the mouth. Used most commonly in children, the sealant can also be used in adults.


  • Available in several different colors around the teeth shades, composite resin is very aesthetic.
  • The cavity prepared by the dentist to correct the decay is often less at the level of posterior teeth, as an amalgam.


  • When the composite resin is used in large-scale preparations of the posterior teeth, it is less durable than amalgam.
  • If there is loss of sealant, the risk of secondary caries (cavities adjacent to a region already restored) is higher.
  • The composite resin restorations are more expensive than amalgam restorations.

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