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Zirconia crowns

zirconiumjpgWhat zirconia and zirconia crown?

Zirconia oxide is - a combination with oxygen - the zirconium element.  Zirconium is found in 40th place classification pérodique, it belongs to the group of metals.  This material is very strong and solid; it is able to cut even steel.

Zirconia is a durable material, the flexural strength and stiffness are large, in practice, it is like porcelain.  For these qualities, zirconia is treated under laboratory conditions by different methods.  With this technology facrication its flexural strength is 10 times greater than traditional porcelain.

Because of its high rigidity, long the material was not used in dentistry, because we could not shape with typical and traditional methods (molding, filling, and pressing) that were on the market.

She has started to spread in the '90s when CAD CAM technologies have emerged.  Treatment of zirconia is possible with these technologies. Zirconia crown - in fact, it is a zirconia framework is covered with porcelain

The process flow of preparing a zirconia ring

Zirconia crown requires the preparation of the tooth to the shoulders.  It takes place under local anesthesia.  Following the preparations, we take the perfect impression of your teeth.  Preparations and decision footprint often take longer than if the preparation of a traditional crown without metal.  But this "loss" of time will completely pay for itself because then you'll have a perfectly harmonized with your replacement teeth.  It sends the impression to the laboratory where our prothésisites denaires realize the exact plaster model.  They digitize the impression using a laser apparatus which detects the shape and they send the data to a central laboratory in Austria.   By mail, refer to our central laboratory technician dental armature prepared and ready.  In the laboratory, the zirconia framework, we apply traditional ceramics whose color matches your requirements.  Layers are baked and finally polishing the crown.  At the next appointment, the crown is fixed with dental cement.

During the preparation of the zirconia crown, is placed temporary crowns on your teeth polished, so you'll have no aesthetic disadvantage and your teeth will be protected against external effects (hot-cold, bacterial attack).

The advantages of zirconia crowns (zirconia)

It cannot be applied on a tooth that has been previously prepared by the technique of preparing the shoulders, and the protection of the gum is assured and should not be afraid of the regression gingival inflammation and its relation to the traditionally prepared teeth.

  • The material is completely metal-free so we can prepare perfect aesthetic crowns that look like natural teeth
  • The crowns are natural looking and they match perfectly with the natural teeth
  • It does not irritate living tissue, it does not cause allergy, it is not toxic
  • It does not conductelectricity
  • They provide optimum protection against thermal sensitivity (cold and hot)
  • It has a high strength so it can used for molars
  • Resistance against the inflection is great
  • Hardstock
  • It is stronger than metals and at the same time she has a tooth color
  • It integrates seamlessly with CAD CAM technology
  • Preparations shoulders of the tooth is necessary, gingival inflammation and gingival regression can thus be avoided
  • Thanks to its chassis resistant, it is suitable for the preparation of bridges


  • A higherprice
  • The duration of the preparation is longer
  • Under what circumstances is it recommended preparing a zirconia crown?
  • For the restoration of natural tooth crown if it is broken as a result of an accident
  • For changing the old crowns whose edges are gray and close properly
  • For aesthetic reconstruction of severely discolored teeth front
  • For the treatment of several front teeth decayed or sealed
  • To put on a tooth replacement implant as
  • If requirements for a perfectly aesthetic