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Bridge with crown

A bridge allows replacing one or many absentteeth by attaching to adjacent teeth, one on each side (abutments). It is made of crowns soldered one to another. The bridge is fixed with cement and cannot be removed.

In addition to replacing the absent teeth, the abutment teeth are restored like crowns. A bridge is therefore recommended when the adjacent teeth have big fillings or root canals.

Why replace an absent tooth?

  • To cover up an unaesthetic space.
  • To improve chewing and talking.
  • To avoid the rest of the teeth from taking the full load of chewing and in time making them weaker.
  • To avoid the rest of the teeth from moving or leaning, thus creatinggum problems.
  • An unbalanced chewing can lead to serious problems, in the worst case possible an alteration of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).


  • pont-dentaire