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Fixed Inlay/Onlay Bridge

pont-fixe2The bridges with inlay/onlay have the advantage of being able to be installed using a minimally invasive technique. Compared to the method of preparation the bridges from 3 to 30% of the dental structure traditional sound is lost instead of 63 to 72%. For this reason, these restorations are an interesting choice for young people who have a healthy dentition. In addition, post-operative sensitivity due to the retention of enamel through the restoration is less common with the adhesive bridges. The most frequent causes of failure are peeling of restorations and the appearance of secondary caries.

Patient Selection

It is recommended to take care in the selection of patients in accordance with the following criteria:

  • presence of vital support teeth;
  • only of moderate size or restorations carious lesions which do not exceed the depth of preparation of the adhesive bridges are present;
  • adequate oral hygiene;
  • teeth in the final occlusion; absence of parafunctional (e.g. bruxism);
  • absence of hyper mobility periodontal teeth support or variation of their mobility;
  • absence of occlusal load high on the restoration.